This is my true, unbiased Affiliate Game ChangeAffiliate Game Change Review.

Affiliate Game Change is a new product from veteran Internet Marketer Jack Stanley that is geared towards new Internet Marketers.

This is a very thorough course that will walk you from selecting and registering your domain in one of his pre-chosen niches thru setting up your web hosting account and then in to driving traffic to your new web site so that you can begin to earn some online income.

The course is very well laid out using videos to show you how to complete each step so that you don’t have to guess. Simply follow the step by step process and you will quickly have a live web site that is capable of making money online.

After a brief introductory video you will proceed to niche selection.Niche Selection Jack has conveniently chosen four very hot niches to help you get started. Pick the niche you wish to start with and then choose from the suggested domain names to get started.

Follow the easy instructions to register your domain and set up your web hosting account.

Then the magic really begins. The Affiliate Game Change system will build your web site for you. It will populate your site with quality content that includes your affiliate link so that you can make money if someone clicks your kink and completes a transaction. It also updates your site with additional content on a weekly basis if you want.

That’s it, you now have a live money making web site that you can begin to promote!

Traffic GettingMove on to the traffic getting video modules to learn how to drive traffic to your new web property.

With the Free Ride Shortcut you can begin seeing traffic to your web site in a matter of minutes.

The Triple Traffic Shortcut shows you a unique way to get 3 times the results without 3 times the effort! Does it get any better than that?

Actually, it does! Upgrade to the optional Web Fire Tool to automate this process and get bigger, better results in a fraction of the time. Web Fire can also create videos for you from text articles and post them to popular video sharing sites to help drive traffic to your new web site.

There are additional video training modules that will teach you how to use the power of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Solo Ads, Partners and Web Conferences in your marketing plan for your web site.

When you add all of these components together, this is an amazing starter system for the beginning Internet Marketer. You will learn the basics of niche selection, domain selection and registration, web hosting setup, building a web site and driving traffic to your site.

From this solid foundation you can continue on to build your own virtual web business that will generate income for years to come.

For these reasons, this review recommends Affiliate Game Change as a great starting point for all beginning or struggling Internet Marketers.